September 2012 Etsy Finds

Here is this month’s Etsy finds. This little peanut packs a punch. I have been eying this piece for so long, but I still hoping it will go on sale. I’m too cheap to spend $32 on a necklace for myself.


  • “Necklace chain measures 24 inches in length.
  • Peanut hangs an additional 2 inches from chain when folded and 2 1/2 inches when knife component is unfolded.
  • Knife contains “RICH” marking at base of metal, and other cursive text on peanut finding spelling “tasty” and “rich.”
  • Perfect for the goober lover in your life, your favorite member of the peanut gallery, a clever hidden tool, a gift for someone who has peanut allergies, and unique find that will certainly be a conversation starter.
  • Chain may vary from photo depending on current stock.”

If you don’t want to raise eyebrows and questions, but want a golden goober of your own consider purchasing this beauty:

This one is a little bit cheaper of course ($20). The specs are:

  • “The peanut necklace is a vintage limited edition gold plated charm.
  • It is threaded onto a fine chain of antique brass.
  • The peanut measures just under an inch long.
  • The necklace chain is 20″ (about 50cm) long. “

Either way, these necklaces are sure to draw the eye.

[If you want more versions of peanut necklaces, check out my treasury list at]


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