October 2012 Etsy Finds (Part 2)

Here is the second October Etsy post. These two items are more Halloween themed than the last. However, they are not overly Halloween-y. They are also quite pricy, but I mainly posted them to show some interesting ideas.

The first is a Sweatshirt, which I thought was a wonderful and comfy way to do a costume. Actually, I think that for the price of $54 I would wear it often outside of these festivities. So here it is, and I will explain why it is such a good costume for someone like me in a moment.

Well, I tend to be a StarGate (TV show) geek so when I saw this I was so surprised. In this TV series the main enemy is the Goa’uld who are people that are overtaken by a parasite. The parasite takes over their consciousness and controls their bodies, it acts as if it is a god and enslaves other civilizations . There are also the “carriers” called the Jaffa, who hold the juvenile Goa’uld in their bodies. This costume would be that of a Jaffa. The creature, affectionatelly called “sam” by the seller, looks a lot like the parasite from the series. If you are not sure about the sweatshirt part or the price then you should be happy to know that there is a shirt version.

Anyway, on to the next item:

This wonderful wolf is not what you think. Believe it or not, but there is a person inside this ridiculously amazing costume. Just look at the following pic.

As a note to all the fellow animal lovers: this wolf was not hunted! It died from a medical condition and was given to the seller by the wolf’s previous owner.

This puppy costs $1600 and can only be shipped inside the US. That being said…what a costume! If you have the money and want to look amazing this Halloween, buy this!

[Want more Halloween items check out my treasury list on Etsy.com]


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