Playing with watercolor

So as of recently I have begun painting with watercolors. Which if you know me, is sort of a big deal.

I used to only draw in pencil (black and white). My dad wanted me to try colored pencils, but I preferred my “comfort zone” of no colors. However, all of the B&W work has made my shading skills quite good.

So I decided to take the leap, and I realized it wasn’t really that hard. Paining in watercolor is a lot like doing digital art. In watercolor you are basically using transparent layers to build up the subject…and because I am already quite familiar with that style of doing things it is working out.

Below is my 3rd painting:

It looks different when scanned though (you can’t really see the lighter parts). Anyway, this birdy is a red crested cardinal. It took me about an hour and a half to finish everything (color mixing included).

My 4th painting:

This is a black streaked oriole…and yes I am kind of focusing on birds right now. It took me around the same time for this one. I personally like it better.

What do you think? Do you have any critiques?


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