Monthly Drawing/Painting: December 2012

I included this picture (below) that way the post would still count as a drawing post, but it is mainly about a painting.

This drawing was the planning sketch for the following painting. I found that watercolor paper is not good at allowing the user to erase. So, instead I do my planning sketches in my drawing book and then transfer them. The transferring is one of the hardest parts of doing a painting.

Here is the painting. The scanner lightened the image a bit so please take that into consideration. Although, my dad always tells me to darken my drawings and paintings.

Anyway, this painting is done using coffee instead of watercolor paints. It was my test run for future coffee projects.

The coffee was interesting to work with. The super condensed coffee paint I made separated a little bit, but overall it worked.

I plan on painting coffee related still life-s for a monthly giveaway that our local Christian radio station puts on. Officially it is called the KGBA Coffee Break. I figured that if I paint something in coffee it would make a good prized…if it looked good enough. Should be fun.

So, what do you think?


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