December 2012 Etsy Finds

When I think of December and Etsy I think of cozy winter items like bubble bath, sweaters, and scarves. I suppose that is why it is the theme for this months Etsy finds. I also figured I would go all out and choose 9 finds, 3 from each category.

The Bath Section:

Here are a few soaps from SoapForYourSoul that I think are great and reasonable priced.

The Chill Pill – “Stress relieving combination of spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils. Uplifting peppermint, sweet spearmint, and mellow eucalyptus all blended in the perfect aromatherapy blend.”

Space Soap – “Smells like a cowboy, looks like space…Handmade in small batches from olive and other fine oils, then scented with Dragon’s Blood fragrance. Dragon’s Blood is a blend of patchouli, cedarwood and orange essential oils with both sweet and spicy notes. Beautiful multi-step cold process artisan bar with constellations and planets…”

Snowflake Soap – “Beautiful blend of vanilla and mint…Low note vanilla, middle note is a hint of cherry, high note of minty rosemary! Cool and sweet!”

Cozy Sweaters:

Cozy sweaters for both men and women alike. They are decently priced too.

Christian Dior Striped Sweater – Here is  a nice oversized comfy sweater. Just throw on a pair of jeans and boots and your good to go. rerunvintage

Sweater Vest – In case you live somewhere where it doesn’t really get cold in the winter, this is the perfect sweater. URTHYCHURCHYPPL

Mens Sweater – Here is a sweater for a man. This one has a nice touch of leather to add some unique manly qualities. LineaSerrano


Scarves can be a girl’s best accessory, especially in winter. So here are a few scarves that will fir in with most outfits.

Birds  (womann) A comfy, stylish, and neutral scarf will add to any outfit.

Fringe (mediterraneanlights ) Perfect with black skinny jeans and some boots.

Knit (fatwoman ) These would look great with some cowboy boots.

[Treasury list for this post]


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