The Not-So-Lotion Tutorial

So today I experimented with a “home remedy” project for dry skin/eczema. It went well, I think. I haven’t really tested it on anyone else but me, yet. Anyway, I like it and it works for me.

So here is how it is made:


  • Oatmeal (plain)
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil/milk (Preferably oil)
  • Flour
  • Grape oil (optional)
  • Pinch of sugar (optional)


  1. Grind/blend up the oatmeal dry as much as possible in a blender or processor
  2. Mix in the oils ’til you get a consistency you like
  3. Add the flour so that the mixture thickens to a lotion-like consistency
  4. Mix in a pinch of sugar (or as much as you would like), that way the lotion smells better

Simple right!

Okay, I know that it looks nasty, but it works!


  • Rub in circles on the dry areas of your skin
  • Make sure that you rub in as much oatmeal as possible
  • Rinse of the oatmeal and excess mix
  • Pat dry

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