February 2013 Etsy Finds

Since pink isn’t my favorite color and I have no reason to celebrate Valentines Day, this month’s Etsy finds aren’t exactly lovey dovey. I did however include one pink item and all of the others would be great as gifts…I know I wouldn’t mind getting them.

First off we have…drum roll please…Leather Bags!

Yes, I know they are probably the last thing that you expected, but I just love leather. Anyway, these are a little pricy for my cheap-o budget, but they are so wonderful looking.

Next we have the creative Tapestry Bagpack by ShaunDesign. Yes, I do realize it has only a small amount of leather, but it was just too cute, and affordable (only $32.15), not to count.

The last is a little bit pricier than the first two at $68.98, but it also holds a bit more and has some serious understated style to it. This Canvas and Leather Backpack by Elvishbagdynasty has got me saving up pennies. One day, one day…

On to the next subject… the Pink Item!

The pink item is a Scarf of course and one that I would actually wear, well, if I had the matching shoes/accessories. Made/sold by womann for only $19.90.

Lastly we come to another series of leather or leather-like  items, Boots.

The first pair are some nice Military Style Faux Leather Boots. These are made by ELDSHOP and they come in two colors, black or natural (tan). They look nice and sturdy and are resonable priced for their style and material, $69.

The last item is a pair of Size 6 Brown Leather Riding Boots for only $49.00. Sold by santokivintage. Too bad they wont fit my size 7.5 feet.


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