Monthly Drawings: April 2013

Here are a few drawings of animals made with geometrical shapes. This a series I am working on currently. I plan to pain these in watercolor. The idea is that each animal is a different type of gemstone or material. For example, my first watercolor painting was of a Ruby Cat, which I should show you sometime soon. Anyway, here are the planning sketches and drawings.

The plan was for this hawk to be made of cut and shaped amber.

A jade or emerald Chameleon.

An garnet fox, whose eyes are made of tsavorite garnet (a green garnet).

White Opal Narwhal

Obsidian Raven

The plan was to maybe to a bear, ape, and snake. However, finding the appropriate gemstones to base them off of is difficult. I am also trying to decide if I want to do two birds, the raven and the hawk. If I only choose to do one, then it will probably be the raven.


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