May 2013 Etsy Finds

April Showers…May Flowers!

A Beautiful Flower Blooming by Meti Rahmawati

A withered flower blooming again
breeze shook the flower
the sun is shining on flower
rain water to wash the dust-filled flower
abort storm petals
storm that renders the flower petals
polling beetle sucking painful

flower that bloom so bright today
beauty exudes an aura of coolness of the beholder
spread the fragrance that invites a bee to touch
although many other flowers around it
bees sucking the flower first
choose to suck and touch the flower
lately the flower
always bloom radiate beauty
a bee was not able to get away from the flower
a bee sucking the beautiful bloomington
always produce the honey taste good
really beautiful relationship between the flower and bee
both are very compatible and complement each other

This beautiful Necklace, sold by ScrappinCop, actually contains Queen Anne’s Lace flowers. This precious pendant is sold for $15.

This elegant Floral Photograph is a perfect way to add some detail to any room. The photo is sold by MoonLightDrivePrints for $20 in an 8×8 format.

The last item is plainNfancy‘s Maroon Flower Hair Bobby Pin. A pair of these gorgeous flowers is sold for $15, and will add a special something to any outfit choice.

Check out more floral items on the Etsy Treasury List!


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