July 2013 Etsy Finds

Lately it has been a little rainy, and although I love the rain, it does allow more exposure to the color gray. ‘Tis why I chose it as the theme for this month. Not rain, but gray.

The first item is a, quite photogenic, Soft Sculpture Whale. Made by the talented Adatine, and sold for $35, this curious creature would love to be part of your decor. Put him on a shelf, on a desk, hang him as a mobile, give him as a gift, or simply let him float around your house freely. either way, his neutral palette fits with most decor.


Next we have this comfy Bandana/Trangle Scarf made by THEKNITKID. For a handmade and great quality scarf the price is right at $80.40, especially when you consider the fact that it comes all the way from Germany. With the small dabs of other colors, I imagine that this scarf would go with most outfits.

Lastly we have a handsome Cold-Press “Harvest Moon” Soap Bar. Sold by LippincottSoapCo for a very affordable $6.00, this soap bar is made from skin loving oils and fruit fragrances (more ingredient info is available from the seller).

To see more items like these, check out the Treasury List on Etsy!


*Just so you know, I am not paid in anyway to post information about these or any items mentioned for sale.*


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