August 2013 Etsy Finds

This month I have been feeling quite blue because my vacation is ending and school is once again beginning. So I have collected a treasury list of blue items that are unique and beautiful.

The first item is a beautiful and emotional picture of a Girl With Flowers. Sold by soulfuse for $15, this 5×7 pic is a great way to add depth, subtle color, and a certain special touch to any room or area.

This wonderful and Navy Blue Lace Dress is eye catching and modest. Designed and sold by mfandj for a reasonable $55, wearing this dress is a surefire way to lift your spirits and give you classy style.

What more can I say about this piece than you have seen. This magnificent a Blue Goldstone set in a Silver Locket would look incredible with the dress mentioned above. Even better, this piece, sold by robinhoodcouture for $32, was featured on the runway at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week in October, 2011!

This bright and stunning print of Queen Anne’s Lace flowers against a blue background. Sold by Raceytay for $30, this 8×10 will definitely brighten up a room.


To see more items like these, check out the Treasury List on Etsy!


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