October 2013 Etsy Finds

This collection is what I call the Hipster Lumberjack collection, or for the classier people, Hipster Fall. Basically, here is a collection of new and vintage items that have a bit of an outdoorsy theme.

The first item is a Mystery Flannel Shirt from GypsiiThrift, for only $8.99! All sizes (mens/womens) available, and they work off of your favorite colors. For me this is great, because I love flannel shirts. They are all weather and event shirts. You can roll the sleeves up or down, and you can dress it up or down. Great, right!?

Next, is this cute Pinecone Necklace, sold by spacepearls, that reminds me of my trip to Lake Tahoe, and another separate vacation to the Sequoia National Forest. We saw some huge pinecones in both places. In both places it was snowy at the time and I remember the crisp winter air. As you can tell, this necklace can easily bring the feeling of nostalgia. By the way, this beauty costs only $14.

Lastly, we have this handmade Test Tube Spice Rack, which is sold by MeriwetherOfMontana. This is the priciest item featured here (but not in the treasury list), at $40. However, for a wall mounted, unique, and stylish spice rack, I’d say the price balances out quite nicely.

See more Hipster items in the October 2013 Etsy Finds treasury list.


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