October/November 2013 Paintings (digital)

Here are a few of my drawings-turned-paintings, in this case digital paintings. My process, generally, is to draw an outline and then color it in digitally. Here are two of the paintings, including the drawings I did before.

(The watermarks are from DeviantArt, where I originally posted the images.)

The first is a piece of fan-art I did for an amazing artist named Minna Sundberg, who writes/illustrates an online comic called A Redtail’s Dream. The characters depicted are Ville (the dog) and Puppy-fox (obviously the fox).

These pieces are ideas for possible character I have been considering. The breed of dog is the Yakultian Laika. The idea was that the character is able to see through the eyes of others. Although, I have not perfected this idea. I still don’t know if I want the character to be blind itself, or just have the ability to “see through others”. Additionally, if it is just an added ability, is it controlled or random. Like I said, the ideas need some ironing out.


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