Upcoming Event!

I realize that I have not shared much about my personal life with my readers. So, here is a snippet of what is going on in my life presently:

Tomorrow, February 4th, I am flying out to Savannah, GA to meet my mom. After a day of rest I will be heading out to Erskine College, the college of my dreams, to participate in their Presidential Scholarship Competition! It will be two days packed with introductions, interviews, socializing, celebration, and bowling (awesome, right).

I am honored to be one of the thirty finalists that get to compete. However, I don’t plan on giving any of the other finalists the stink-eye or working against them. My goal is to do my best and let God do the rest. Yes, I will be disappointed if I do not receive any scholarship, but the person who does receive it is obviously deserving of the award.

Either way, this is the college I plan to attend. Their strong Christian values, small town environment, safe campus, and more, make this college a perfect fit to me.

I will share more about the competition at the end of the week. So stay tuned!


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