March 2014 Etsy Finds

This months treasury list is ironically a short one. Its theme, growing up.

As the amount of time until I start college grows shorter, I am faced with the realization that I am growing up. It is a bit scary, and yet exciting all the while. Well, here we go…

Here is a Quote Print I can most definitely see in my dorm room; maybe not in this color, which is fine because it comes in many different colors. Sold by offizin, this print is only $23.44 and is printed on premium paper.


The Quote Bracelet reads “it takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.” I think the charm of the bracelet is self explanatory, but I will add that the simple reminder helps. Sold by BerkeyDesigns for $27, this piece speaks volumes.


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February 2014 Etsy Finds

Hello all,

Recently I, much like a majority of my peers, have been on a quest to find the money to pay for college. From applying for scholarships and completing the FAFSA, to working on my Etsy shop, I have been attempting to accumulate funds for college. So on that note, this month’s Etsy Finds list is money themed, which is admittingly not the best treasury list i have made.

First we start out with this inconspicuous Vintage Hollow Book, ironically titled “The Big Secret”, intended for hiding money or other valuables. So, not only is it quite the sight to see, but it also is functional. Sold by Virtualdistortion for $20, this is a convenient alternative for the storage of valuables.


Next we have a very unique item, the Kids Money Bag Wallet, is meant to teach children about responsible budget keeping. This wallet is sold by missmoneybagsstore for $25.


Lastly, we have the always necessary Digital Financial Planner, sold by OrganizedWhimsy, for $12. Equipped with almost a dozen files that will help you get your financial life on track!


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January 2014 Etsy Finds

This month’s theme is centered around the Wordwide Wildlife Fund’s Endangered Species list. The reason for this theme is because I am starting a fund of my own. You can learn more about the project under the “Endangered Animals Art Fund” tab.

Each piece helps to raise awareness about the countless animals in need of help in order to prevent their extinction.

This stunning Photo of Buffalo shows the beauty of the rare creatures which had once roamed America in herds. Sold by unTRphotography and priced at $20 and up this print is available in a multitude of sizes. Add some life to any room with this photo!


This petite Rhino Necklace Charm, sold by chrysdesignsjewelry, is a unique eye catching piece. Sold for only $10 this charm and chain will work with any outfit.


This playful Signed Tiger Watercolor Print, painted by CanyonWrensNest, is available for $12.99. This print will add color to any room or collection. By purchasing this print, the seller is able to make donations to “animal welfare and conservation causes.”


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December 2013 Etsy Finds

This month’s theme is Christmas Decor. An appropriate theme I would say.

These Handmade Twig Pencils are a subtle and easy, on your wallet, way to add style and class to your desk or house in general. trees4thewood sells these charming pencils for $3.76 per pencil. A plus is that you have the option to choose from myrtle, poplar, or cherry wood. Got to love the freedom to choose.

This reasonably priced, at $8, Merry Christmas Door Decal is a great way to spread cheer to all who enter. Sold by ItsWallTalkVinyl and available in a plethora of colors, this decal is a simple way to invite in guests.

The last item, a Red Silk ColorBlock Pillow, can be used all times of the year, but would bring a certain festive air to a room. A more contemporary piece of room decor, this pillow sold by JillianReneDecor is available for $125.

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November 2013 Etsy Finds

This month’s Etsy Finds theme is the universe. Yup that’s right, stars, planets, and moons. Fun right? I thought this theme would be well suited due to the upcoming 50th anniversary of my favorite science fiction TV show, Doctor Who.

That is particularly why the first item is galaxy and Doctor Who themed.

This stunning Print of the T.A.R.D.I.S. happens to be one of my all-time favorites. The piece holds a certain measure of simplicity, yet there is more for those who are able to understand the meaning behind this magical box. Sold by tinyartshop, this watercolor print can be yours for for only $25!

This next item is a beautiful Milky Way Galaxy Scarf sold by Cyberoptix, for $44. This scarf pattern comes in navy (pictured), cobalt, eggplant, and black. Made of pashmina, this silky, soft, and warm scarf is sure to impress.

These Hand-painted Galaxy Headphones are out of this world! (Cheesy, I know, but it had to be said.) Offering great sound and style, ketchupize‘s headphones can be purchased for $69.32. Let the music guide you to another world.


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October 2013 Etsy Finds

This collection is what I call the Hipster Lumberjack collection, or for the classier people, Hipster Fall. Basically, here is a collection of new and vintage items that have a bit of an outdoorsy theme.

The first item is a Mystery Flannel Shirt from GypsiiThrift, for only $8.99! All sizes (mens/womens) available, and they work off of your favorite colors. For me this is great, because I love flannel shirts. They are all weather and event shirts. You can roll the sleeves up or down, and you can dress it up or down. Great, right!?

Next, is this cute Pinecone Necklace, sold by spacepearls, that reminds me of my trip to Lake Tahoe, and another separate vacation to the Sequoia National Forest. We saw some huge pinecones in both places. In both places it was snowy at the time and I remember the crisp winter air. As you can tell, this necklace can easily bring the feeling of nostalgia. By the way, this beauty costs only $14.

Lastly, we have this handmade Test Tube Spice Rack, which is sold by MeriwetherOfMontana. This is the priciest item featured here (but not in the treasury list), at $40. However, for a wall mounted, unique, and stylish spice rack, I’d say the price balances out quite nicely.

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September 2013 Etsy Finds

This month’s Etsy find is kinda…unusual, but tasty.

This month I chose steak, because, well, I like steak.

The first order up is this here Steak Shirt, which will add a generous portion of red meat to your day. Both made and sold by QuarrelsomeYeti, this shirt is well, meaty. (Presently the seller is on their honeymoon, but they will be back soon.)

Next up we have this well balanced Steak Charm Necklace, sold by ShortandBaldJewelry. Not only do you get a plate full, but you also get a stamped initial charm, for only $19.75.

Lastly, we have Steak and Potatoes Leather Rings. What a great comical couples item! Sold by TheFrogSuit, these rings are only $28.

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