January/Febraury 2014 Paintings

All of the following paintings were painted for my Endangered Animals Art Fund.

Amur Leopard

Hawksbill Turtle

Sumatran Tiger

Saola [Also known as the Asian Unicorn]

Black Rhino


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October/November 2013 Paintings (digital)

Here are a few of my drawings-turned-paintings, in this case digital paintings. My process, generally, is to draw an outline and then color it in digitally. Here are two of the paintings, including the drawings I did before.

(The watermarks are from DeviantArt, where I originally posted the images.)

The first is a piece of fan-art I did for an amazing artist named Minna Sundberg, who writes/illustrates an online comic called A Redtail’s Dream. The characters depicted are Ville (the dog) and Puppy-fox (obviously the fox).

These pieces are ideas for possible character I have been considering. The breed of dog is the Yakultian Laika. The idea was that the character is able to see through the eyes of others. Although, I have not perfected this idea. I still don’t know if I want the character to be blind itself, or just have the ability to “see through others”. Additionally, if it is just an added ability, is it controlled or random. Like I said, the ideas need some ironing out.

Dec/Jan Painting Dump

Here are a few paintings that I did n the past 2 months. Note: they all look much better in person (the scanner picks up on the wavy paper)

This was for my big brother who is presently in the US Army.

I did this one for my mom. The flowers are wisteria.

These are cherry blossom flowers for my sister.

Dragonflies vs. Koi is the name of this one. My mom wanted me to paint something with a dragonfly in it so…

The last is fields/hills of iris flowers.