Endangered Animals Art Fund

I have recently begun preparations for opening my Etsy store, in which I will sell prints of my drawings and paintings. A large part of the store, affectionately named TheModestMouse, will be dedicated to my Endangered Animals Art Fund.

The Endangered Animals Art Fund is a collection of paintings in which the subjects are animals on WWF’s Extinction Status list. I am painting the species with the highest rating, “critically endangered,” first and then I will go on to work with species which are endangered. All the money not used to replenish art supplies will be donated to Wordwide Wildlife Fund (WWF). Sadly, the purchasers will not receive any tax deductions due to the fact that I am the one donating the money on their behalf, but at least they receive some art from the deal.

My goal is to not only support an organization that will help prevent the further extinction of God’s creatures, but it is also to raise awareness for the species that need it the most.

[I will also be setting up a Domestic Animals Fund, which will work in a similar way: depicting domestic animals and donating to the ASPCA.]

The rest of my shop will be for profit.

The shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreatureOfThePalette?section_id=14723876&ref=shopsection_leftnav_1


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