Considering Essays


Over the course of my high school career, I have written some essays that I am quite proud of. So, I am considering posting a few of them. Some might be personal, while others are literary analysis of novels or plays. The decision gravitates around whether I post them on the “home page” or in a separate tab.

Either way, the essays are for looking, not touching. I frown upon plagiarism; so please, if you use any direct quotes, cite me!

Stay Tuned! -S.A.




As you can see, my Etsy Shop, Twitter, and Blog names have all changed. Updated links will be added, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your patience -SA


Considering a Name Change!

Hello all!

I wanted to inform you that I am considering changing my Etsy shop name due to the coincidental similarity to the band modest mouse. Although I checked with the US Patent and Trademark office, and there is not trademark on the name, I have gotten some people asking if I had anything to do with the band. If I go through with the name change, I will need to change everything related to the shop, including this blog name. Right now I am brainstorming, but I have a few names I like. When I am ready I will post the possible name choices and maybe let you vote on it!

Stay tuned!


Endangered Animals Art Fund Update

I thought I would let you know that I have switched over from physical prints to digital. My reason for going digital is to lower the prices for not only me, but also my customers. Additionally, digital files allow for a greater freedom for printing; you can use a variety of different papers and the image can be printed multiple times. Lastly, going digital is eco-friendly seeing as there is no wasted packaging used in shipping. If you want to learn more about why I went digital, check out my Etsy Shop, where I explain it in every listing.

Thank you -SA